* * * All that Glitters CAN be GOLD!! * * *

Welcome to the newest technology in GOLD Plating.  We use only the highest concentration of Genuine 24K Gold Solution with added Cobalt (for hardening) necessary for vehicle applications. Now you can add a touch of class and personalize your ride.  Our Expertise, 3-Step Application Process, and Gold Plating Pulse Technology allows us to offer a Lifetime Warranty against Flaking or Peeling on all our plating projects.   Our unit is also portable which allows us to work right on the vehicle, no need to remove parts!

But GOLD Plating isn't just for cars and motorcycles! 


can add the beauty & luster of 24K Gold to a wide variety of items.  Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Guns, Plumbing Fixtures, House Numbers, Religious Items, Picture Frames, Flatware, Awards, Golf Clubs, Boats, Electronics, Coins, Gifts, Christmas Ornaments...you get the idea.  Basically, we can GOLD Plate any non-ferrous metal item (that means anything except aluminum and magnesium).  Items important enough to you to be covered in 24K Gold are also important to us...therefore we take great pride in each and every project with special attention to detail and customer satisfaction. 

Custom GOLD Plating makes it both convenient and affordable for you to enjoy the sheer luxury and opulence of gold items. And...we offer MORE than GOLD Plating, we also offer COPPER, SILVER, NICKEL, and CHROME Plating!!

So how does it work? Items can be mailed to us (returned by insured mail), you can bring them to us, we can come to you (however, a traveling fee will be added depending upon distance).
Please browse through some of the projects on this site. There are a few "before" and "after" photos to show you just what it is we can do.  The ideas of what you can plate are endless, the value it adds....priceless.  

Thank you for visiting our site, we're sure you'll find something you like!

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