[Frequently Asked Questions...]

Q:What types of products can be GOLD Plated?

A: Almost anything metal that will hold an electrical charge. Whether it is the Chrome Accessory on a motorcycle, an Emblem on a car, a Faucet in the bathroom, Golf Clubs, Stainless Steel Flatware, Guns, or even a favorite piece of Jewelry, our Custom GOLD Pulse Plating System can fill your needs. GOLD Plating opportunities exist everywhere; Motorcycle, Automotive, Marine, Aviation, Household,  Sporting Goods, and more. You're only limited by your imagination.

Q:Can our Custom GOLD Plating System deposit any other metal besides GOLD?

A: Yes. Our Patented Pulse Plating System can also deposit COPPER, SILVER, NICKEL, and CHROME as well as GOLD.

Q:Who benefits from our services?

A: Everyone! Because everyone is attracted to the glamour of GOLD. From as early as man can remember, we've always had a romance with GOLD. From personal pleasure like accessorizing our vehicles, or wearing brilliant jewelry, to the practicality of GOLD Plating an existing bathroom faucet for a luxurious look at an affordable price.

Q:How long does the GOLD deposit last?

A: By nature, GOLD does not oxidize or corrode. With proper care, it will last the lifetime of the piece being Plated.

Q: Are there size restrictions to the item that is to be GOLD Plated?

A: No, there is no limitation to the size of the work piece. From a dime to a stainless steel Delorean car, our Custom GOLD Plating System automatically adjusts for any work piece size and obtains professional results every time.

Q:Do the parts have to be removed from the Motorcycle or Car before Plating?

A: No. The plating process is completed with all the parts on the vehicles. 

Q:How can the process be performed right on the Motorcycle or Car without hurting the paint?

A: Our system's water based solutions have been specially formulated so as not to harm automotive paint. The solution only reacts to conductive surfaces. The paint on a Motorcycle or Car is non-conductive and therefore is unaffected by the Plating process.

Q: How can the emblems or grills on a car be electroplated when they are made of plastic?

A: Most items on a Car or Motorcycle are manufactured with a plastic base. The base is Nickel coated and then Chrome Plated from the factory. It does not matter that the base is plastic as long as a conductive outer coating exists to plate to.

* * * All that Glitters CAN be GOLD!! * * *